Advanced technology intelligence tool

IP Metrix developed by TKM put together patents, scientific papers, collaborative projects and news about issues covered by the cluster :


  • Technologies: Geo information, drilling & well equipment, subsurface exploration, production, monitoring, environment.
  • Geothermal market and geological storage.
  • Geosciences in France & cluster’s news.

POLE AVENIA gives you the possibility to subscribe to the IP-Metrix/Geoscopie database containing information that is accessible by request through key words.

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Monitoring reports GEOSCOPIE

Every two months you receive a selection of articles output by the monitoring tool.



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A business intelligence offer on demand.

TKM specialized in business intelligence & POLE AVENIA which brings its help in geoscience area will provide :

Latest development, study market, intellectual property, patents historic, benchmarking, skills mapping of skills…



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