To help their member to improve their competitivity POLE AVENIA fixed three objectives :

  • Help, support, funded innovative collaborative projects
  • Develop cluster’s ecosystem
  • Organize subsurface industry in France

To reach these goals POLE AVENIA proposes actions and organizes events :

  • CLUB GEOSCIENCES, flagship event.
    This annual event allows meetings between different technologies and sector and mostly helps technologies transfer.
  • RENDEZ-VOUS GEOSCIENCES, Business meeting.
    Since 2014, POLE AVENIA proposes speed-dating to allow subsurface industries’ stakeholders to discuss about their skills, needs and find potential partnerships.
  • Les 24 heures de l’innovation au centre de la Terre.
    It is a 24-hour meeting based on creativity & innovation, invented by ESTIA. POLE AVENIA expects the participation of 150 students for this event. Participants will work actively on topics proposed by members of the cluster in the geosciences area.
  • Members Focus
    The aim of the Focus is to provide visibility to the cluster and its members & to create opportunities for assembling the entire geosciences ecosystem.