Study 1 : GPEC’s Study, drilling careers.

  • Diagnostic : economy, positioning, structuring, human needs
  • International Benchmark
  • Identification : potential technology transfers
  • Prospective visions and recommendation

Download the study (french) ! picto-pdf

Study 2 : metals valorization restrained as traces in subsurface waters 

  • Inventory of metals, identifying major mining/concentration used, identifying major actors developing these technologies, mapmaking of research topics.
  • Quantitative analysis of valorization potential regarding  metals, users classification, barriers analysis. Estimate potential.

Download the study (french) ! picto-pdf

Study 3: valuation of the fatal heat stemming from activities of geosciences

Étude 4 : PIPAME (Pôle Interministériel de Prospective et d’Anticipation des Mutations Economiques)

  • The seminary(seminar) in connection with the sectors(networks) of the basement, organized by the PIPAME (Interministerial Pole of Prospective and Anticipation of the Economic Transfers(Transformations)), took place on Friday, March 11th, 2016 from 8:30 am till 12:45 am in the center of conferences Pierre Mendès France, in Paris. On this occasion, 145 people were gathered(combined) around the theme: ” energy Sectors(Networks) of the basement: what common perspectives to meet the current challenges? ” .
  • Find the report(relationship), which follows upon this study PIPAME and which is entitled ” Stakes and perspectives of the industrial sectors(networks) of the energy valuation of the deep basement “, by downloading it here !  picto-pdf