Geosciences! LittéraL has been developing geosciences software for over 20 years.

But how do we spread the word that LittéraL has developed innovative software that is a reference in geosciences?

POLE AVENIA helps us meet many stakeholders, who are often surprised to learn where the software they use originated from.

How many potential customers have we met during POLE AVENIA conferences?

We regularly discover new members, for whom we try to provide solutions to their software problems.

What’s nice about POLE AVENIA conferences is that it is always a pleasure to meet our customers. We discuss different points, new projects, new software features… And the mood is always friendly and professional.

Thanks to entire POLE AVENIA team



With POLE AVENIA, Febus Optics was able to expand its network and meet new industrial and academic players in the field of Geosciences. For example, the established relationship with Total has been intensified, and a new link with the University of Pau has been forged. Events such as “Club Innovation Monitoring“, and “Rendez-vous Geosciences” were stepping stones to get members and invited industry players to discover fiber optic monitoring solutions by Febus Optics.


POLE AVENIA is the only Geosciences Competitiveness cluster in France. For that reason, and owing to the convergence of themes with POLE AVENIA, ENSEGID has forged a historic partnership with POLE AVENIA as from its inception. Many partnerships are directed at students with the participation of ENSEGID in the “24h de l’Innovation au centre de la Terre” and also through the “Rendez-Vous Geosciences” and “Rencontres Geosciences” real ties between geoscience professionals and the academic world of research and higher education.

ENSEGID professors and researchers actively work with POLE AVENIA, including participation in the validation of national or regional research projects (ANR, AAPR Conseil Régional Nouvelle Aquitaine …).

For its own part, POLE AVENIA has created a development dynamic for economic activities, research and training in geosciences, starting in southwest France. Over time, this dynamic rapidly achieved national recognition, as a showcase of the French geosciences sector. As an actor and member of POLE AVENIA, I greatly value the actions of POLE AVENIA especially as a facilitator and an initiator. This dynamic is reflected in practice by better international recognition of POLE AVENIA members and national acknowledgment, which represents a real added value.


Nicolas ROUSSEL, Efficient Innovation

Over the past few years, the POLE AVENIA cluster has provided us with privileged access to geosciences players operating in France. Thanks to this strong partnership that we have built collectively through our common involvement in innovation groups and in putting together collaborative projects, Efficient Innovation has acquired a strong technical expertise adapted to the needs of the geoscience sector. POLE AVENIA pulls together a proactive, collaborative cluster of geoscience role players, from which stem many quality projects.