An innovation monitoring club gave several members the opportunity to voice their difficulties in marketing products that have not been tested in real-life conditions. This paved the way for GEOTEST concept.

What is GEOTEST?

  • More than 500 locations covering 20 sites all over France,
  • Depths up to 5000m,
  • Diameters ranging from 2” to 30”,
  • Up to 39km open hole, and more than 200km cased hole
  • Extreme conditions: up to 220°C and 550bars


How does it work?

  1. The tester specifies his needs to POLE AVENIA
  2. POLE AVENIA consults its data base to identify potential sites
  3. Operators are contacted for agreement
  4. A dialogue is established between both parties
  5. POLE AVENIA draws up a pre-contract and an insurance solution.

Consult at our flyer, for more information.