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Joining the AVENIA cluster means joining a dynamic community of players committed to a collective effort to stimulate innovation and growth in the underground industries.

Avenia benefits


Catalyst for Collaborative Innovation

By bringing together companies, research organizations and institutional players, innovations are faster and more effective.

Access to expertise and resources

Sector watch, expert committee...

Business and financing opportunities

Contacts with French and international business partners. Easier access to funding windows (national and European)


Large Group or ETI

By joining AVENIA, you can strengthen your strategic intelligence, increase your sourcing capabilities and help define tomorrow's technological challenges in the underground industries. Joining AVENIA also means helping to strengthen local innovation ecosystems, and reaping the benefits in terms of image, public relations and the sharing of best practices. Become a member

SMEs or VSEs

AVENIA membership gives you access to qualified contacts for your innovation and business development projects. Being an AVENIA member means joining a community of players and benefiting from the network effect to promote your company and your projects. Become a member

Educational institution

When you join AVENIA, you become part of a network of companies that represent a major source of job opportunities for your students. Joining AVENIA means being at the heart of industrial needs in terms of skills and know-how. Become a member

Laboratory or research organization

As a member of AVENIA, you'll be in close contact with manufacturers in the subsurface industries sector, and can contribute to the innovations of tomorrow. Participating in AVENIA's activities gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your research and benefit from collaborations. Become a member


By becoming a member of AVENIA, you strengthen your intelligence in strategic fields in which your territory is already positioned or intends to be. Joining AVENIA gives you the opportunity to think about the challenges facing your region, involving all stakeholders. Become a member

Associative structure

By becoming a member of AVENIA, you can help your association build bridges to the underground world and its applications. Become a member


By joining AVENIA, you become part of a community where you can find support, potential customers and future partners. Become a member

Joining the cluster

Membership of the cluster is not free. The annual fee may depend on the type of structure, its size or its sales.