A European initiative for underground hydrogen.

Our ambition with earth2 is to bring together the European players involved in natural hydrogen and underground storage. Our aim is to accelerate the development of these two pillars of underground hydrogen, which are essential to the energy transition. We are convinced that the geosciences have an essential role to play in achieving Europe's targets by 2030. With the support of our members and the implementation of a structured roadmap, we aim to make earth2 a European reference in these fields.

- earth2 members
- estimated cost in dollars/kg of natural hydrogen
- annual hydrogen consumption in France in kT
- the estimated number of salt caverns needed worldwide for underground hydrogen storage



Building a common base

Building a precise common base of knowledge on underground hydrogen through our dedicated working groups.

Acculturation of stakeholders

Acculturation of industry stakeholders through the organization and participation in key events, and targeted, didactic communication.

Setting up collaborative projects

Setting up relevant and ambitious collaborative projects, drawing on the expertise of our members.

Actions taken

Carried out

Collective stand at Hyvolution 2023

earth2 hosted a stand at Hyvolution with several of its members in February 2023.

Carried out

Position paper

earth2 is behind a position paper on natural hydrogen.

Carried out


earth2 organized a members-only workshop on gas leak characterization and monitoring methods (geochemical and passive seismic) at the 45-8 ENERGY site in the Nièvre region.

Actions in progress

In progress

Collective stand at Hyvolution 2025

earth2 is very involved in the organization of a session dedicated to natural H2 exploration programs in the Pyrenean foothills.

In progress


earth2 is heavily involved in the organization of a session dedicated to exploration programs in the Pyrenean foothills.


The program is managed by a steering committee led by AVENIA.

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