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Do you have an idea for a research and development project in the subsurface industries?AVENIA is ready to listen. Simply fill in our project submission form and let's discuss it together.

AVENIA procedure

Submission form
Start by filling in our online form with details of your project idea. Be as specific as possible about objectives, benefits and potential challenges.
Initial analysis
Our team of experts will carry out an initial analysis of your proposal to assess its potential and relevance to our areas of expertise.
Collaborative maintenance
If your project catches our attention, we'll arrange a meeting to discuss your vision in detail, clarify certain points and explore opportunities for collaboration.
Contructive returns
Receive constructive feedback from us to refine and strengthen your idea. We believe in working closely together to maximize the potential of every project.
For promising projects, Avenia will facilitate connections with key partners, industry experts and other influential players to help bring your vision to life.
AVENIA certification
Exceptional projects will be eligible for Avenia certification, a seal of quality that attests to the innovation and potential positive impact of your initiative.