ABSOLAR – Pioneer in high-temperature underground energy storage

AVENIA, via its committee of experts, has approved the solution proposed by ABSOLAR, for High Temperature Underground Energy Storage (SES HT) on closed loops.

5 Apr 1 min to read

This label follows the delivery in September 2022 of their 1st demonstrator in Cadaujac (33). The underground thermal battery installed on this occasion makes the most of the calorific capacity of the rocks it exploits.

This installation provides energy (heating and DHW) for a housing estate comprising 67 dwellings. By injecting a surplus thermal energy source underground, high-temperature underground energy storage enables it to be conserved for several months and reused as needed.

The underground energy storage devices developed by ABSOLAR refer to 3 types of solutions:

  • C2SES – Centrale Solaire sur Stockage d’Energie Souterrain (Cadaujac demonstrator);
  • SESEF – Le Stockage d’Energie Souterrain sur Energie Fatale ;
  • SESA – Advanced Underground Energy Storage.

To find out more, visit the ABSOLAR website.

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