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Energy Transition: The Role of Natural Gas in a Sustainable Future

In the global quest for an energy transition to a sustainable future, natural gas is emerging as a key player.

16 Apr 6 min to read

The latest issue of Geologues magazine is now available, highlighting nature-based solutions. You’ll discover concrete examples of nature-based solution projects, such as CO2 mineralization, the reopening of the Concoret leisure pond or the ecological restoration of the Rhône. Finally, delve into the lessons learned from the European ADAPTO project, which explores nature-based solutions to coastal hazards at the land-sea interface.

Or how geology is helping to shape a more sustainable and resilient future.

To order the issue co-published by the Société Géologique de France and AVENIA: https: //www.geosoc.fr/numero-actuel-geologues.html

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