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Annual business convention dedicated to the underground industries, bringing together a wide range of players: SMEs and major groups, investors and insurance companies, research and training organizations and public players.


Tuesday, June 25

09:30 - 12:30 :
Opening ceremony and round table discussion "Critical metals and materials, yes, but at what price?"

Europe's energy and digital transition, accentuated by recent crises and growing dependence on China for critical metals and materials, raises crucial questions. France, with its mining potential, environmental regulations and expertise in steel and metallurgy, is at the heart of the debate. Since 2022, national and European initiatives have been launched, but securing supplies of metals and materials raises many questions about their provenance, responsible exploitation, and societal and economic implications.

The round table will explore the challenges and opportunities linked to these complex issues.

3pm - 4:30pm:
Thematic session "AVENIA-Quebec collaboration: an avenue to explore and/or exploit?"

This session will focus on all the privileged contacts that AVENIA has established with its Quebec partners since 2021.

And to seize these opportunities, the session will offer participants the opportunity to collaborate on the program of a future half-day of exchanges (date to be defined), during which the Quebec adhoc players will be present, on the selected themes of interest such as strategic metals and materials, CO2 capture and storage, or hydrogen, to cover a wide range of possible actions: research projects, industrial projects, pooled studies, training...

12.30 pm - 6 pm :

2:30 pm - 6 pm :

7pm - 11pm :
Connect & Cocktails" evening

Wednesday, June 26th

9h-10h30 :
Thematic session "Natural Hydrogen: Exploration programs in the Pyrenean Piedmont".

After many years of university research, natural hydrogen is moving from the experimental stage to become the object of dynamic exploration on a global scale. The Pyrenean Piedmont stands out as a pioneering region, with no fewer than five projects in progress ("play and prospect"). This session will focus on the presentation of these first exploration programs, laying the foundations for a nascent European industry.

9am-12pm :

9am-5.30pm :

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm:
Thematic session open to the general public subject to registration "Necessity versus Acceptability: towards Societal Responsibility?"

In order to decarbonize energy (via photovoltaics, wind power, geothermal energy, natural hydrogen, nuclear power, etc.), we need to exploit and use the subsoil (opening mines for metals, drilling campaigns for geothermal energy and natural hydrogen). Similarly, in order to reduce the impact of industrial CO2 emissions until such time as the industry switches to a low-carbon model and society as a whole adopts a more sober lifestyle, it is also necessary to sequester and store this greenhouse gas.

At a conceptual level, we can all agree that underground is one of the solutions for decarbonizing our energy mix. What are the reasons why more or less strong opposition prevents concrete projects from being set up at local level? How can we move towards greater pragmatism?

14h-17h30 :

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