The GeoEnergy Europe  project (GEE2)  is planning a market visit in Canada in June, to attend the Global Energy Show in Calgary (7-9 June), the PDAC convention in Toronto (13-15 June) with further meetings in Ottawa.  

The GEO-ENERGY EUROPE metacluster brings together the European know-how, technologies, and experience in geo-energy, with an emphasis on its SME’s offering with a focus on deep geothermal energy.


The following is a summary of the key aims and objectives of the GEE2 project:


  • - Presentation of tailored strengths of the member companies to target Canadian market.
  • - Enhancement of business development and capacity building activities through engagement.
  • - Supporting transition to the green economy, utilising existing skillsets in subsurface geoscience.
  • - Developing new sustainable services, drawing knowledge from more traditional subsurface activities.
  • - Supporting the expansion of employment in niche scientific and engineering related disciplines.
  • - Sustainable application of subsurface knowledge, supporting the harnessing of geothermal energy.


The  GEE2 metacluster partners are interested in hearing from Canadian based SME companies, wishing to meet with visiting GeoEnergy Europe delegates, in connection with this market visit.

Such meetings can be in person, at either of the above conventions or by some other mutually convenient arrangements.


As part of the programme and in conjunction with the PDAC event, Geoscience Ireland  will host a Market Visit seminar on behalf of GEE2, at starting at 14:00 on Monday 13th of June.

This afternoon event is scheduled to take place in the Chi Meeting Room, Executive Hotel Cosmopolitan , a  short distance from the MTCC (PDAC Convention), Toronto.

This seminar is for participants interested in the Canadian Geothermal Sector, with insights into the overall objectives of the GEE2 project. 

The event will feature presentations by EU companies seeking partnerships with Canadian counterparts to develop deep geothermal energy. 


If you are interested in registering for the seminar on the 13th June, please reserve a place by contacting by contacting or as soon as possible.

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